CIMRex Campaign 2019: 4th and 5th March 2019

From Iceland to Svalbard

One post, two flight legs: From Akuyeri (Iceland) to Danmarkshavn (Greenland), and from Danmarkshavn to Longyearbyen (Svalbard, Norway).

After the successful test flight in Akureyri, the CIMREx team transferred to Svalbard from March 4th to 5th via the Greenland East coast, sampling various sea ice types along the route. The long transfer required a short landing to refuel at Constable Point in Greenland, and an overnight stay at the Danmarkshavn weather station.

CIMREx team preparing for transfer from Danmarkshavn to Svalbard. Courtesy: Sampo Salo, Harp Technologies Ltd.

Picturesque sea ice formations between Greenland and Svalbard. Courtesy: Sampo Salo, Harp Technologies Ltd.

Both weather and ice conditions were favorable, and science data using the HUTRAD2.0 and other instruments could be acquired during the whole transfer. Friendly and expert staff at both Constable Point and Danmarkshavn assured that the transfer went smoothly. The CIMREx campaign will now continue with science flights based from Longyearbyen.

by Juha Lemmetyinen (FMI)

Lone Arctic Fox (vulpes lagopus) at Danmarkshavn. Courtesy: Sampo Salo, Harp Technologies Ltd.

Flight plan for CIMRex. March 4th: AEY to DMH (via CNP).
March 5th: DMH to LYB. Coutesy R. Forsberg, DTU Space.