A new Copernicus webpage for EU and the Arctic

A new webpage describe how the Copernicus Services and Earth Observation satellites enable monitoring of the Arctic and polar regions.

It documents the polar and Arctic applications of the services (e.g. CMEMS, C3S, CAMS, CLMS), as well as the existing and planned Sentinel satellites (the Sentinels).

The CIMR mission concept was designed to support most of these services, with a focus on mointoring the polar ocean and particularly sea ice.

From the webpage: In the future, and in the context of the evolution of Copernicus, preliminary studies and activities have started to develop a dedicated mission to address in particular the objectives raised in the EU Arctic Policy. The top priority concept of mission, the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer mission could be launched at the horizon 2026-2027. With this concept, the two poles will be systematically covered on every orbit and the mission will offer a Sub-daily coverage (~5-6 hours) of the Arctic area. A second mission, observing the topography of the Arctic environment and relying on the heritage of the Cryosat-2 mission, is also in the preliminary phases of development by ESA.