Tonboe Rasmus

Rasmus Tonboe is at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) in Copenhagen. Rasmus is engaged in the development of the operational polar sea ice monitoring service the EUMETSAT OSI SAF processing near real time satellite data. His research interests include microwave and infrared remote sensing of sea ice in particular modelling of thermal emission and backscatter from sea ice and the use of forward model inversion for estimating sea ice snow cover, and other properties. He has field work experience, operating radiometers in the field, snow and sea ice sampling, and installing meteorological monitoring stations on sea ice. He is a member of ESA's MetOp SG MWI and ICI science advisory group and he is part of the ISSI virtual sea ice mission project for building a community sea ice emission model. During the one year 2015/16 he was a visiting scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Follow Rasmus on Twitter: @RasmusTonboe

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