a web-resource for the EU CIMR mission

CIMR, the Copernicus Imaging Microwave Radiometer now has its own webpage!

The webpage will gather useful information and resources about this Passive Microwave mission, candidate to the Expansion of the Copernicus Spate Component (CSC) from 2026.

CIMR is a user-driven mission in support of the European Union's Arctic Policy, with two focii:

  • operational monitoring of the rapidly changing floating ice in the Arctic (and generally enabling sub-daily complete polar coverage).
  • operational monitoring of the temperature of the ice-free ocean in the polar regions, to support ocean and weather prediction.

The CIMR mission is developped by the ESA, the European Space Agency for EU Copernicus.

The website is hosted by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, with input from the Mission Advisory Group