From Science to Operations for the CIMR mission



   10-12 May 2021, VIRTUAL EVENT

   Abstracts before 21 March 2021

CIMR Mission Requirements Document v4

This is the official fourth release of the CIMR Mission Requirements Document (MRD v4), prepared by ESA, including contributions of the Mission Advisory Group.

The MRD is a key reference document for the CIMR mission.

It is accessible from 

CIMR industry contract signed

 The contract with Thales Alenia Space Italy to build CIMR was signed on 13 November 2020!

July 2nd and 3rd : MAG meeting #10

The 10th CIMR MAG meeting takes place online on July 2nd and 3rd.

MOSAiC collects key data for CIMR Science

Satellite observation is the only way to effectively monitor the polar oceans and sea ice on a broad scale, but in-situ data are crucial to developing and calibrating the retrieval algorithms. Read here how the MOSAiC expedition contributes for CIMR (among other missions).


The 9th CIMR Mission Advisory Group takes place 28-29 January 2020.

Data from CIMRex campaign are now available!

The CIMRex campaign dataset (Hutrad 2.0 X, C , Ku and IR measurements) and final report are freely available.

Call for experts to join the CIMR MAG

A new call for experts to join the CIMR Mission Advisory Group is currently open at Send your application online before December 2nd.


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